Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pink by Victoria's Secret - Young and sexy fashion

Alessandra Ambrosio,Pink
As we all know, Victoria's secret is one of most popular and in demand when it comes to designer lingerie because of its stylish designs and sexy look. PINK is a sub-brand of Victoria's Secret geared towards high school students and college undergraduates and launched in July 2004. It features mainly a lineup of lounge wear, sleepwear, intimate fashion , swim wear and accessories such as bags, bedding, and flip-flops.

Victoria's Secret Pink
Victoria's Secret Pink, Teens
Victoria's Secret Pink, sexy
Victoria's Secret Pink, teen lingerie
Victoria's Secret Pink, teen lingerie
Victoria's Secret Pink, hotVS Pink has a wide range of fashion styles and designs of underwear, it has a twist of innocent look and sexy at the same time. It brings out the inside beauty of a teens body and compliments any size or figure. Surely any designer clothes can be a perfect match to it either Ralph Lauren, Guess, DKNY and many more.

Victoria's Secret Pink, sexy lingeriePink now has an exclusive PINK Collegiate Collection that features numerous colleges in the United States and in many tours, Alessandra Ambrosio was named the line's spokes model, and PINK models tour the country at college campuses.


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