Monday, November 3, 2008

Magazine's fashion influence

todays generation's fashion has been influenced by different source of media and advertisements.Magazine is one source of fashion influence since 1970s until now and magazine's fashion influence is such a big impact today that even top designers like Ralph Lauren wants his collection on the cover page to be exposed to millions of readers world wide especially teen generations.

More teens read fashion magazines than working people that is why teens can be seen as the face of fashion influenced by magazines. Lets face it fashion clothes and styles that can bee seen in magazines are stylish fabulous and can be very tempting to buy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Teen fashion trends

Teenagers nowadays are more stylish than ever. Fashion trends today are absorbed mostly by teens and when you see them in any place you can tell the different styles and attitude of teen fashion today.

Some teens gets their fashion style from their pierce, friends, classmates and mostly are from celebrity models, actress, singers and media advertising. From the looks of it every teen generation has its own style and attitude and every year that passes by molds the new generation of teens and their fashion sense. Different countries around the world and its teen population have their own different styles also because of their culture and new fashion trend combined. The result of these different genres in fashion are the face of teens fashion today.

Different styles and personalities of teen fashion today:

Punk fashion - A fashion attitude of rebellion against tradition.

Sporty look - Characteristic of a sport into fashion

Sassy - stylish chic

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fashion – your choice, your style

In fashion, choosing a style to become your own is very easy and hard at the same time. Why? The reason is your emotions. Although not really related to fashion, our emotions plays a big role on our fashion ability to choose the right style and design for our selves. Its hard to choose the right stuff when you're emotionally stressed and when your inspired or lets say in a good mood the result is the opposite. Choosing what to wear and what kind of fashion you want for yourselves can be fun and frustrating so try to consider your emotions first in doing so.

What fashion style is the best choice for you? Theres a lot of styles to choose ranging from Designer clothes to custom fit RTW apparels that you can choose from. Whether you buy your clothes in stores or shopping for designer clothes online, it really doesn't matter where but what really matter is “what”. Think of this article as a girl friend that will guide you in choosing your own style for a fabulous look that you've always wanted to see in front of the mirror.

Its true that famous celebrities and musicians has influenced a lot to our daily fashion and that doesn't mean “what you see is what you wear” absolutely not. Its good to admire other peoples fashion trade mark and style but its better when you make one for yourself and feels good about it. Lets face it many people do so in copying other peoples choice of style and whats inn is hot. But having a little effort on being fashionably creative and having a personal sense of style is always the best thing in the world of fashion. Influence is good but its better if you choose with a touch of your own choice and style in fashion.

Designer clothes – stylish and authentic. Suits any preference of style in fashion and creates its own attitude. Its simple but irresistible.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Are you into fashion?

Life is sweeter when you enjoy what you do especially in your own style and fashion. Having a lifestyle that fits your taste in fashion is definitely a feeling of freedom and satisfaction. Are you ready to talk about your own choice of style and fashion? Its fun to know that we all have our different choices and style regarding fashion, lifestyle and personality with all the different variety of apparels to choose from. That is why it is important for you to know the spices in life that inspires our choice of style and making it fun in living a lifestyle that satisfies personality.

There are many reasons to consider for you to have a feeling of freedom and satisfaction when it comes to choosing your own style and fashion. First, you should be able to know who you really are

by knowing your personal things right now and based on it you should have a slight idea on the things you will need to know.

F-ind your own style with-in your personality.

-sk your self the same question everyday "are you ready to become
....what you want?".
S-atisfy your self with your choice of clothes without exaggerating.

H-aving a lot of unused clothes means you have more to learn.

I-mprovise your style with inspiration, not with imitation.

O-n your daily basis, pay attention to the colors you will choose.

N-ever forget to consider your body's assets in choosing what to

Considering these short list of fashion tips will help you on your way to becoming fashionably fabulous with your own style and personality. It is a feeling of freedom with in, a feeling of satisfaction with a lot of fun, definitely having a good fashion sense will reveal the real face of beauty inside of you.

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