Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Teen fashion trends

Teenagers nowadays are more stylish than ever. Fashion trends today are absorbed mostly by teens and when you see them in any place you can tell the different styles and attitude of teen fashion today.

Some teens gets their fashion style from their pierce, friends, classmates and mostly are from celebrity models, actress, singers and media advertising. From the looks of it every teen generation has its own style and attitude and every year that passes by molds the new generation of teens and their fashion sense. Different countries around the world and its teen population have their own different styles also because of their culture and new fashion trend combined. The result of these different genres in fashion are the face of teens fashion today.

Different styles and personalities of teen fashion today:

Punk fashion - A fashion attitude of rebellion against tradition.

Sporty look - Characteristic of a sport into fashion

Sassy - stylish chic


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