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The sexy and stylish latex fashion

Latex fashion

As we all know latex is used in many types of clothing. Some say its rubber but intact its different from plain rubber because its less refined and often thinner. It can be worn on the body like a normal clothing or applied directly by painting it on your body. It tends to be skin-tight, that way it produces a "second skin" effect and it has a shier finish than rubber.

Latex rubber is used in many types of clothing, it can be used to make leotards, bodysuits, stockings and gloves, as well as most items that can be made from 'traditional' fabrics like dresses and bikini. Latex clothing is often polished to preserve and improve its shiny appearance but you have to make an extra effort in putting it on.

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Putting on latex clothing can be difficult, because latex has high friction against dry skin. To make it easier to put on, wearers often use talc to reduce friction against the skin when putting the clothes on; then, because stray talc is very visible against the rubber, they polish off any visible talc. Another method of dressing is using lubricant (or 'lube') which provides a slippy surface for the latex to glide over. A third method of reducing or eliminating the high friction of latex when dressing is to chlorinate the latex rubber. Chlorine in gaseous form is generated by the reaction of hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite. This chlorine bonds to the first few molecules on the surface of the isoprene (latex) and transforms them into neoprene. This process does not affect non-metallic colours or strength.

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Latex may also be painted directly onto the body as latex in liquid form, which is also sometimes used to close seams in the creation of latex clothing. Removal of a full-body liquid latex garment can result in a lot of hair removal as well. It is important to prepare all contacted skin carefully beforehand to avoid this 'hair wax' scenario.

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Fashion designers also use latex in some of their fashion collection and often gets a lot of attention. Ralph Lauren however does not use latex for his clothing design and instead he uses latex for his own brand of paint which is latex paint.

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Latex fashion are one of the hottest trend these days. We all know that designer clothes, tights and leggings have been a trend adore by many and now latex tights are the new look for fall. Lindsey Lohan has even started her own line of the latex tights so we know this is a hot look to follow. Not sure how to wear them, you can select from style of high waisted and low rise. No doubt this trend is hot and on many peoples watch, its sexy and a very stylish fashion trend.


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