Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Organic Clothes - Professional look

Over the last few years top designers of designer clothes like Ralph Lauren popularized organic or “green” clothing has been a big conversation. While many designers have upped the style quotent for this market, it’s generally still considered casual. We’re here to tell say you can wear organic and still look professional. Here are some business casual outfits.
designer clothes for women<8e>

This wrap top is Bamboo and made in the United States, available in Black, Taupe, and White. It is perfect for a business casual office. To complete the look pick up a pair of black twill pants and this Garnet and Citrine necklace made of recycled metals. Have a casual workplace? Instead of black pants, go for dark wash denim.

designer clothes for women

Next we have a classic buttoned up style with a twist. Who would have thought you could get these tuxedo details in Bamboo jersey? Pair with a trendy striped vest and a fitted pencil skirt for a sophisticated Business Casual outfit in organic fabrics. The skirt is Hemp and Wool.

designer clothes for women


MICHELE3 said...

i dont see why these would be considered only casual..i would def wear some of these outfits to work..the kinda serve a double purpose...i really like this collection..

aya brea said...

thanks for you comment. I also think this kind of outfits should be popularized. Its really nice and stylish, the fact that its organic.

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